How to Pack up the Bathroom Before Your Next Move

Packing a bathroom for a move can be a tricky task, considering there are so many littlebathroom items you need to work your way around before getting to the essentials. Even if you hire professional movers to help you out, you’ll still have to pack up the bathroom before they get there. But you don’t need to stress too much over this because you can manage it with a little bit of guidance. Here’s everything you need to know about packing up the bathroom before a move.

Purchase Packing Supplies

Before you start rolling your sleeves and start sorting, you need to purchase boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap for fragile items, as well as packing paper and tape to keep everything in place. It’s recommended you buy boxes of smaller size because they protect breakable containers better. It may also be a good idea to purchase a few plastic bags for your toiletries so they don’t spill over other items.

Throw Out Useless Items

Unless you have a really tiny bathroom, chances are you have a lot of unnecessary items in your bathroom which you’ve stored for way longer than needed. Things like old toiletries and expired medications are of no use to you now, especially since you’ll be moving somewhere new. So out with the old! Everything which can be easily replaced with little financial effort needs to go because it’s just extra weight you really don’t need.

Time to Sort

Once you’ve thrown out the old and replaceable items in your bathroom, it’s time to sort some more. You need to organize your items based on their type. Towels need to be packed with other towels, medicines require their own box, toiletries go in one box, and so on. Being organized will save up time when you unpack at your new home.

Packing Up Step-by-Step

1.Take the plastic bags and place your toiletries in them to prevent leaks. Toiletries need to go together in one or a few small boxes.

2.Items made of glass or other fragile materials need to be packed in bubble wrap and placed in boxes. Avoid placing these items one on top of the other. Make sure to write something like ’fragile’’ on the box just so the movers know they need to be extra careful with these boxes.

3.Bath towels and shower curtains can be packed together or with your fragile items to provide additional protective padding. If you choose to do so, make sure to pack everything tightly so it doesn’t shift during transportation.

4.Seal every box thoroughly with quality tape and label them

As you can see, packing up the bathroom is really not that hard, but it may require plenty of time if you want to do it right. And you will want to be as organized and careful as possible, because how you pack dictates how easy it will be to unpack at your new home. And in the process, you will also be helping the movers that may have a few challenging tasks of their own.