4 Places You Can Sell Things You Don’t Want to Keep When Moving

Moving to a new home normally tends to be a lot of work and at times even expensive. One of the best ways to minimize both workload and expenditure when moving is to sell the things that you don’t want to keep. Things that no longer carry any monetary or sentimental value may most of the time be completely worthless and cost you more money just to move around. While not all the unwanted items will be sold and a few may be donated instead, some of them may actually be of value to other people. Below are 4 places where you can sell things that you prefer not to keep when moving.


Craigslist is a very popular online marketplace. This online site provides a classified list of different things that are available for sale. be sure to use a clear headline with the price and photo of the item for sale.


Facebook is currently the most popular online social media platform today. Over the years, it has incorporated different ways in which people can buy or sell items on the site. One of the easiest ways to sell an item on Facebook is to list it on the Facebook marketplace. Once an item has been listed on the Facebook marketplace, it will be advertised to many Facebook users who are in your area. Another easy way to sell an item on Facebook is to list it on a “buy and sell” group in your area. These groups normally have members who are updated whenever someone posts an item for sale in the group. Both of these tabs can be found on the left-hand corner of the homepage.


LetGo is a free mobile application that allows people to easily buy and sell items within your location. Buyers and sellers can also use the chat function in the app to interact privately.

Garage Sale

If you don’t feel comfortable selling items online and you prefer to interact with people , then you can simply host a garage sale. Host the sale on a weekend, preferably Saturday, and post a few small signs and flyers beforehand. Make sure you have small bills ready on hand for when you need change.