Shoe Packing Tips for a Stress Free Move

Resultado de imagen de packing shoesWhen preparing for a move, you will have to pack-up your footwear sooner or later. When it comes down to shoes, you may be tempted to throw all your shoes into one big box and be done with. But before you do, a little planning and extra care will prevent potential damage.

Benefits Of Packing Your Shoes Correctly While On The Move:

• You will transport your shoes safely
• You will save space
• You will save on transportation costs
• You will have an easy time when unpacking your shoes


1. Explore Your Shoe Collections and Sort It Out

Sorting out your shoes is the first step. By going through each shoe pair, you will have an easier time deciding which pairs you should keep, sell or donate. It makes no sense to pack shoes you won’t wear again. Besides, you will save on space which will ultimately reduce the transportation cost. Only take what you need.

2. Clean and Dry Out Your Shoes before Packing

Find time from your schedule to clean the pairs of shoes you have decided to move with. By packing clean shoes, you won’t need to have to deal with cleaning them again after the move. Do not forget to let the shoes dry out before the move!

3. Stuff Crumpled Paper into the Shoes

By stuffing crumpled papers in shoes, you will maintain their shape. You can use soft packing paper. For boots, remember to stuff them all way to the top. NEVER use a newspaper to stuff your shoes as the ink may ruin them. If you are working on a tight budget, you can use socks.

4. Set Aside the Pair of Shoes You Will Be Wearing On Moving Day

You can be so immersed into packing shoes till you pack the shoes you should be wearing on the moving day. Avoid the costly mistake of spending even more time searching for the particular shoe you want to wear on the moving day from the already packed footgear. You should select a sturdy and comfortable pair, preferably closed shoes with anti-slip soles and good traction. This shoe will protect your feet when moving all your belongings out of your old home and transporting them to your new home.

5. Protect Your Dress Shoes’ Finish

It is recommended that you wrap shoes in tissue paper and place them in the original shoeboxes to prevent damage from contact with other shoes. This will protect patent finishes and ornaments from accidental damage during transit. If you’d like to avoid wrapping and boxing shoes in pairs, you can also place them in a closet door shoe hanger. Folded carefully, this innovative storage solution can keep your shoes organized and firmly in place during your move.

There you have it. Safe move, safe shoes!