The Top Superstitions of Moving To A New Home

Are you moving to a new home? Well, this one is just for you. But, before we go any

shutterstock_579549058further, let me say: Cheers to new adventures!

Every culture has traditions that they follow when they are making big moves in life and for a move as big as this one, you must take a look at these superstitions that will brin luck and prosperity to your new home.

#1 Carry bread and salt

This tradition hails from the Jewish people. They see bread as a basic food that symbolizes a sustainable life. Salt, on the other hand, will never spoil and this symbolizes permanence ina new home. Another belief is that salt has the power to ward off evil spirits when sprinkled. So do not forget to bring your salt and your bread.

# 2 Paint the front porch blue

This is one that originates from the Southern plantations. It is believed that painting the front porch in blue in blue will keep negative spirits away. So, if your new home has a porch then you know exactly what to do.

# 3 Ring a bell

Yes, ring that bell! Open those windows, let that fresh atmosphere ride right in and then ring a bell. The ringing of a bell symbolizes a new, positive beginning in your new space. It wards off all the negative vibes and creates a zen-like feeling of wholeness and harmony.

#4 Avoid moving on Fridays, Saturdays, and rainy days

Yes, the days are important factors to be considered. It is said that it is unlucky to move to a new house on these days, according to the Indian traditions, the best day to move is on a Thursday, the above mentioned may bring misfortune during your move.

# 6 Lighting a candle

Lighting a candle on the first night in a new home is a powerful house blessing ritual, performed in various cultures around the world since the very dawn of civilization. The burning candle brings light and casts out the darkness – both literally and symbolically – bestowing a blessing upon the occupants of the home and chasing away the shadows of evil, sorrow and pain. In many religions it’s common to light a candle when saying a prayer or reciting sacred texts, so that the flame can amplify the power of your words and sanctify your home.

# 7 Burning sage

Burning or smudging sage is another similar house blessing ritual, widely practiced in the US. Derived from Native American traditions, the burning of dried sage is a popular method for clearing out negative energy and protecting a home from evil spirits.

To perform the ritual, you need a bundle of white sage, wrapped with thread and accompanied by lavender or other fragrant herbs. Light the sage in a fire resistant bowl and let it smoke on its own. Then, walk around the house clockwise (starting at the front door) and wave the smoke in the air, making sure it gets to every corner of every room (corners are where negative energy tends to accumulate).According to the old tradition, it is advisable to cover up mirrors and windows and turn off electronics when performing a sage smudging ceremony.

So there you have it. Some interesting superstitions to bear in mind when moving to your new home.

And so the adventures begin!