Basic guide about international moves in Orlando-Florida

Fear before a good planning for a move is one of the feelings that people who intend to make a change of life at an international level experience. It is necessary to have enough time to analyze and take action before the rigorous details that are required to make a move to another country.

This decision can affect emotionally, where anxiety, stress, fears, sadness, among others, can invade the human being leaving sequels at the time of acting in a given situation, affecting directly in the planning, organization, activities to be carried out, among others. That is why before starting to make an international move, it is important to know what, how, when and where to do it, to avoid leaving anything aside and to be successful every step of the way.

Basic guide to make an international move

An international move tends to be quite complex, mainly because of the documents required, and secondly, because of all the details that need to be taken into account. So where should you start?

  1. Determining how to carry out the move: one of the essential requirements is to determine the most appropriate way to meet the needs of the interested parties. There are several methods to carry out the move. Such as:

    By sea or by air: it is the most common among users. Generally, the sea option is usually much more economical than doing it by air. But, it is always necessary to determine which is the most convenient and which best suits the conditions of the interested parties. On the other hand, the second option is usually more expensive and, at the same time, implies certain conditions that would favor -or not- the customers, especially when it comes to bulky products.

    Full container or groupage: if the consumer’s favorite choice is to move internationally by sea, then there are two options: a full container shipment or a sea groupage, i.e. a shared container. Both are good references, but if you want to save much more money, then it is preferable to select the second option.

  2. 20-foot or 40-foot containers: it is good to know the measurements of a complete container to verify whether or not it is a good decision to make. So, you should know the existence of 20 feet and 40 feet containers, each one with its measurements. Therefore, the 20-foot container measures approximately 5,898 in length, 2,352 in width, and 2,392 in height. The 40-foot container is approximately 12,025 meters long, 2,352 meters wide and 2,393 meters high.

  3. Planning, organizing and packing: since it is a move from one country to another, the needs usually increase in terms of money, thoroughness and attention to absolutely everything. Therefore, it is important to really classify the necessary things you want to take with you on the trip, because keeping unwanted items could take up a lot of space and therefore waste money. So, it is recommended to think in a focused way what you really want to take with you, that is to say, the quantities and of course how to pack all the belongings to avoid losing them.

  4. Having all the necessary documents up to date: an essential aspect is not to fail to comply with the requirements of each moving company. This will be the certification and legal support in case there is any kind of inconvenience. Therefore, the following must be kept in mind:
  • Detailed list of the boxes.
  • Copies of the identification, either passport or ID card.
  • Contracting conditions.
  • Among others.