How can consolidated transports help an international move?

When starting a move, it is necessary to consider at least three factors in order for it to be carried out successfully: planning, time and money. The first is necessary to organize all the belongings, objects, large or small belongings, among others, and the second is related to the aforementioned, since without time there would be no good planning, and it is also essential to determine the when, how and where of the move. Lastly, money to make both time and planning effective.

While it is true that these aspects are related to each other, most people have time and planning availability, however, finances can be a limiting factor. Therefore, a great part of society seeks to balance, decrease or find the most adequate way to lower costs. That is why the companies that provide the moving service are the consolidated transports that effectively favor international, national and local moves.

But what is consolidated transportation?

Many of the moving companies facilitate and try to provide convenience to their clientele. So, they offer the service of a type of transportation that encourages consumer savings. Therefore, it is a type of load that is considered incomplete, then, the company gives the option to share the trip in several moves, which makes the service more affordable than expected.

Consolidated movers are considered very favorable for people who want to save money and put the extra money into other things that are related to the move.

In Florida, specifically Orlando, there are many reliable companies that provide this type of assistance and it benefits any type of move, whether it is local, national or international.

So, how does it help an international move?

An international move generally tends to be financially high, as the moves are long enough to determine the cost. Therefore, most people hire a truck that performs consolidated moves. That is why they are related to international shipments, since, being a shared warehouse, the expenses can be much lower than expected.

However, this type of cost-saving moves often have customs inconveniences, and therefore the move can take several weeks, which can increase the cost due to time and unforeseen problems along the way.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consolidated transportation in international moves?


Obviously, the first benefit is the economic savings that can come from sharing the trip with other people. As they are extremely long trips, from one country to another, the cost is quite high. And, generally, many people have a financial limit.


There are several disadvantages associated with consolidated transportation, but none that cannot be solved. Firstly, customs problems and the time it can take to travel, and secondly, there is the possibility of unfavorable events occurring to the belongings, such as damage and loss.