3 Months for Moving Day

Moving can be a very involved task. Once you find your dream home and you arrange a date, it is time to start preparing for moving day in advance. The idea of saying goodbye to the ones you love and starting a new life in a new neighborhood may be overwhelming, but it will be a lot more overwhelming if you do not plan in advance. With 3 months to go until your big move, you might think that you have plenty of time to get everything done, but time will go by quickly and there are several things you can cross off of the list 12 weeks before moving day.

1. Start Your To Do List

You cannot keep all of the information on your move stored in your head. Invest in a binder that you will use just to write notes and reminders to yourself. Check the items off as they are completed.

2. Inventory

Take a current inventory of all of the belongings in your home. If you already know where you will be moving, use the floor plan of your new home to determine which furnishings you will keep and which you will donate or sell. If you are going to dispose of items, it is best to start the cleaning out process while you are taking inventories.

3. Choose a Moving Company

Coordinating your own move without any help can be difficult. If you want to make moving day easier, hiring an Orlando moving and storage company is a good idea. Make sure to compare at least 3 different companies and only choose a company with a good reputation in the industry. Conduct interviews, review estimates, and make sure the quotes have been given to you only after you have met an estimator face-to-face.

4. Keep a File For Your Records

It is easy to misplace records and documents during a move. Start making a file for your records and your receipts so that you can stay organized. Make a separate file for personal documents and records that you will need.

It might not quite be time to look for the best packing supplies Orlando has to offer, but there are several different things you can do 3 months before moving day. Be sure to start a running list of the individuals you should notify of your change of address and add to the list as you think of new businesses and friends you need to contact.