One Week Before Moving

Take this tips into account on what to do a week before moving.

1. You should start packing (if you haven’t) by yourself or with the help of professional packing services in Orlando.

2. Find out about any paper work you have to do with the banks, service companies and all kind of services that you receive. Tell them your new address and contact information; it is something very simple but very important, because doing it will save you money and time in a near future.

3. Talking about moving we normally forget about the food, which is also something to think about. You should check in your kitchen what you have left. Prepare all the things that you can during that week, instead of buying extra food. If there is too much food, verify which things can you take to the new place and which not. Decide whether you are going to donate the rest, or give it to a neighbor, or any other idea you can think of.

4. Call your long distance or local moving company in Orlando to check and confirm all the arrangements that you have, be sure of all the services that you will get and confirm date and time, for you to be ready.

5. Check if your new home has everything set for you, if not be sure about it.

6. Prepare essential boxes for all the necessary things in the moving day, clothes, some basic food, cleaning products, that way you can use time for other things.

Follow these tips a week ahead and moving day will be a blast.