Florida: The moving capital of the United States

With nearly 1000 people a day moving to Florida, it’s earned a reputation as the moving capital of the United States. Anyone who’s planning to move in the near future should spend some time researching movers and moving costs beforehand to ensure a successful move. Hiring movers in Orlando and spending the time to shop around, research quotes and find out about the services offered by various moving companies makes it more likely that a person will be satisfied with his or her moving experience. Additionally, finding out about the services offered by different companies as well as their level of expertise will aid people who want to move in successfully matching themselves with a company that fits their needs.

Why Get Orlando Moving Quotes?

Everyone’s probably had the experience of “hiring” friends and family to help with moving. While they do provide cheap labor and will often work in exchange for free pizza and soda or beer, or will work to return a favor, they also don’t have the experience and expertise of real movers. Probably everyone who has moved with the help of friends and family has also suffered the loss of something valuable as a result of improper moving techniques. Hiring professional movers significantly reduces the risk that valuable items will end up broken, scratched, cracked or lost. Moreover, many professional movers are extremely affordable. Anyone planning to move can shop around and get quotes to find the company that fits his or her budget.


The first step in selecting the appropriate movers is to contact a variety of companies and get quotes for the amount of stuff that they will need to move. Costs increase if the movers will also need to pack items, and costs decrease if everything is already packed. Expenses also go up if there are a lot of large items like TVs, exercise equipment or stereo equipment that will need to be bubble wrapped to ensure safe handling.

How to Find the Right Movers

When getting quotes from reputable Orlando moving companies, anyone looking for movers should also find out about what services the moving company offers and the company and movers’ level of experience and expertise. Some movers offer more extended services than others, and some even will include short-term storage of items. Also, savvy shoppers should also look at online reviews of moving companies since reviews can offer an accurate picture of real customers’ previous experiences with the company.