How to hire a moving company

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you don’t want to cut any corners. After all, the movers will be handling your most expensive furnishings and priceless possessions. Consider the best moving companies in Orlando when planning your move.

First Things First

Before you even consider a particular moving company, there are a few must-haves that you need to check out.

The Screening

You can screen the movers online. Often, you’ll be given their names and you can run your own background check before hiring them.

Get an Estimate

Never hire a moving company without doing a bit of price shopping first. Get estimates from at least three different moving companies. This is the only way to narrow down good moving companies in Orlando. This can get tricky when you’re moving to a different state, though. In this case, you’ll want a binding estimate in writing. If the company can’t provide this, ask for a not-to-exceed limit estimate. At the very least, you’ll know that you won’t be spending over a certain amount.

Be Upfront With the Mover

When the Orlando mover you chose visits your home, make sure to show the representative everything that will be moved by the moving company. Most people fill up their own cars with personal items, expensive furnishings or clothing. In order to give you an accurate estimate, the movers will need to know what it is that they’re taking. If you leave out certain items, you could face a higher cost than you expected when moving day rolls around.