What Makes You Nervous About Moving Out?

Nothing Scares You More Than the Words MOVING OUT

You’ve decided it is time to move out. Either because you fly away from the family nest to start living on your own, because you have to change your city due to work or because things are getting pretty serious between you and your mate that both have decided to start a new stage together. Whatever the reason, you are about to leave your current home for a fresh start in a new location.

 We are delighted that you have decided to take this step, and we are convinced that life in your new nest will be great. But to start this new path we must all pay a “price”, which often considerably affects your physical and mental state: MOVING OUT.

For those ones who haven´t experience a move in their entire life you are probably thinking — ¨Bah, how hard could it be, four boxes and a mattress cannot give many problems ¨. However, those who have already experience a move, I’m sure that by merely thinking about it you feel a chill down your back, and ask the sky to never have to change from home again. It is very reasonable. Perform a move is much more complicated than it seems, it must be performed through a proper planning and organization. And this is why Nice Guy Movers Orlando are going to mention which are the reasons that makes you get all nervous

moving out                                                And probably feeling like this.

But don’t worry, we are here to save you from what could be a shocking life experience.

1. Hiring Movers

There are so many options to decide on but such a short time to make a decision. This step got you spinning your head because in fact, you’ve been told to make a list of companies before hiring any service. Some of them will want to charge you to give an estimate based on the extent of your place, how many boxes you have and how far your new place is from your current location. Perhaps you have no idea what things to look after and before hiring movers, but all you care about is to find a company that will save you difficulties and won’t overcharge you for everything. To this moment you might probably be all nervous to make a bad decision.

 Solution: Hire a Moving Company that can help you move easily.

 If you are talking about a short-distance move the process will be a little easier, however, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched; you should look for a moving company that knows how to handle local moves. There are so many local movers out there; unfortunately not all of them are reliable. Some of them don’t even have the special vehicles to carry your boxes and furniture, and do not follow the top standards of the moving process, so you should look for professional movers that are known for their experience and the equipment used to help you move easily.

2. Packing

As simple as it seems the process of packing, it could turn to be the most complicated step. There is an aspect that you never think about – How in this world you piled up so many things in so few years of life? Now you have to manage how to fit all your junk in boxes, and you have no idea how that would end.

 Solution:  Search for boxes.

You probably think “Mhmm, cardboard boxes, this shall be easy” but it’s not that easy after all. Especially since you need a certain size and with walls of considerable thickness to support heavy loads. Chances are your moving company provides packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap and tape; ask them if they can deliver you some boxes. There are also some movers (not to mention Nice Guy Movers) who will also be in full disposition to assist you with helpful information on techniques.

 3. Losing Stuff

Probably the one thing that you are wishing not to find out once everything is settled in the new place. But, let’s be realistic, your first intention to put all your stuff in boxes without paying attention to – what goes where? Is an unholy intent that you will regret later, when you have to place everything in your drawers and cabinets and won’t know where you kept your pants for work.

 Solution:  Label your boxes…Do it!

There are reliable moving tips that can considerably make your life much easier. Labeling boxes is one of them and it won’t take you so much time. Besides, you’ll realize how rewarding it is to plan properly. Label what’s in your boxes; we recommend you to go one room at a time, this way, when you arrive to your new place the unpacking process will be more convenient.

4. Days Off From Work Aren’t Enough

They will never be if you decided to plan your move a week before even though you had a month to leave, obviously. There have been cases of people asking for a week to spend it locked in their house arranging all their belongings. If it’s too late for you, here is your solution.

 Solution: Plan ahead and ask your friends for some help.

Moving to another place represents its own set of complications which may eventually come to light if you are not willing to take prior actions. A way to get rid of your nervousness and anxiety that commonly causes the fact of saying goodbye to your current house, is to have a strategy so when the time has come you can laugh (laugh hard) about the situations you thought would turn into complete nightmares. After work hours begin to take care of the things you want to move with you, and get rid of the ones you might have use when pigs fly. Take this opportunity to free some stress after a long workday. Do not take it very personal, take  a chill pill, if you think that you won’t be able to handle all on your own, do not be shy to ask a friend to help you organize your things and pack your belongings; just don’t forget to offer him food/beverage in exchange for help. It can be fun!  

You’ll see that you are going to enjoy the moment your move finally ends, and will treasure that memory in your mind as one of the most beautiful.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this post. Take care… Bye!