Moving to a smaller home

Moving to a smaller home is a smart decision that provides a fresh start and a new way to enjoy life. While it offers many benefits, it can create some stress in parting with possessions that cannot fit in a smaller space. Storage units in Orlando give home owners options that can ease the transition to a home that is easier to maintain. Having the time to keep precious items until a proper place for them is found relieves stress.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The benefits of moving to a smaller home usually include a reduced investment to cover the purchase and other expenses of home ownership, including heating and cooling, utilities and insurance. Carrying a smaller amount of debt equates to a lower exposure to risk, and choosing a home that is appropriate for income level is a wise decision.

Disadvantages of downsizing include having to give up a home that is familiar and probably holds memories of good times. Parting with treasured items of sentimental value is made less painful when storage options are available.

Long Term Storage

A move is a perfect time to get rid of excess baggage that just takes up space. Orlando top moving companies offer secure locations that are climate controlled to maintain antiques, heirlooms, a dining room table or other large objects in excellent condition. Sorting out the pieces that need to stay in long term storage requires planning. Basing decisions on the amount of floor space that is available is a practical way to select the items to include in a smaller home. By eliminating the emotional aspect of parting with favorite possessions, the moving process is easier. Backed up with the knowledge that the valued items are safe in storage units Orlando, a home owner can proceed with confidence.

Short Term Storage

After the move is complete and life starts over in a smaller home, there is time to decide to sell items that are no longer needed. Sets of china or silverware are often items that are desired by others who may choose to purchase them. Orlando top moving companies provide areas for short term storage that are easily accessible so that home owners can retrieve items that are up for sale. Eliminating properties that are too large to fit in a smaller home makes it easier to decide what to keep.