What Nobody Told You about Moving to a New Neighborhood

By Issa Lopez

Correct me if I’m wrong when I say that one of the most challenging situations about moving to a new neighborhood is finding a sense of belonging with the community and the places surrounding you. As a matter of fact, it is very discouraging to settle in a place where you did not expect to come across with uncomfortable situations on a daily basis, or having constant problems with a troublesome neighbor. Ugh!

Here Nice Guy Movers Orlando are pleased to present you 3 types of neighbors you might be expecting to meet when moving to a new neighborhood, whether is across town or across the country. (These are not always guaranteed, but consider yourself warned)

Meeting the next-door neighbors

For some it turns quite exciting getting to know the people next door. For some others it’s a complicated task. Either way we always wonder who our neighbors are and how will it be living next to them for perhaps indefinite time, or a lifetime; though, it seems like there isn’t always time to meet and so it begins to turn uncomfortable the more you let time pass, right?

1. The Unfriendly Neighbor

I remember having lived in a two-floor building with another renter, who was there long before me, and to make the long story short I found quite hard to start a conversation with him, I wasn’t even conveying a rude attitude or not having the intention to introduce myself, the thing for me was that it seemed like we both never make the first move, besides I didn’t had the chance to speak a word to him because he let out too very often his busy lifestyle, which I understood like “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS RIGHT NOW OK?” so it end up being very uncomfortable having to cross glances by the hallway. What I mean by this is that your new neighbors may not be like the ones you meet in Hollywood movies; some are quite disturbed by your presence or have social anxiety problems. Don’t worry too much about it, there is always somebody else who will be kind and generous to salute you and give you a smile in the morning.

2. The Too-friendly Neighbor

These types of next-door neighbors are known by their lack of invasion recognition. Perhaps you have come across with one of these friendly residents; they are not harmful (although they may overcome your comfort level to a point you prefer to avoid bumping into them at day and night). These neighbors often live alone, and usually don’t get many visits. They might run into you at least every other day to chat, so don’t expect a short talk. But hey, it all depends on how you take these situations, if you both have earn trust from each other, then a moment of sincerity coming from you won’t hurt anybody; talk to your neighbor about your busy life and agree to chat once in a while either at your place or hers/his. Although, if you just can’t handle living next to a person who feels like overstepping the line of trust is A-OK then you are going to have a bad time.

 3. The Suspicious Neighbor

Chances are you have chosen this great house at one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in town, but you have no idea who your neighbors are, and what they do for a living. Remember that if you don’t make a little research before moving to a new neighborhood, there is no guarantee you will live 100% comfortable at home. Knowing about your neighbors is extremely important before moving into a new neighborhood, ok? It does not refer to a detailed research of every step they take, but with some based referrals in mind you can be able to live peacefully.

I’m guessing you would not want to sleep with one eye open every night, right? When a next-door resident communicates a suspicious behavior it is best to request your concern to the owner of the house you occupy, to report the police that it is a situation that can expose the quality of life of other residents.

But this won’t mean the end of an era I can assure you, so before moving to a new neighborhood, make a small research about your next-door fellows a few weeks before.

This was brought to you by Nice Guy Movers Orlando