Hiring Storage Services

When it comes to hiring the best movers in Orlando, people often overlook the importance of storage facilities to store the items they can’t take with them. Perhaps you are moving into a smaller home or your move is only temporary. In these situations, you need access to quality storage services at an affordable price. Nice Guy Movers in Orlando offers clean and secure storage space at a price to fit any budget. If you are interested in storage, be sure to ask for a price quote when you call to arrange moving services with our company.

At Nice Guy Movers, we patrol the premises of our storage facility 24 hours a day. We also use state-of-the art technology to ensure that your valuables are protected from theft, vandalism, fire or severe weather. Customers need special security credentials to enter our facility as well as their own storage unit. First-time visitors at our Orlando storage facilities are always accompanied by a security guard throughout their visit. All activity within the storage area at Nice Guy Movers is recorded. A staff member is always present to investigate suspicious activity or respond to questions.

Besides security, keeping every storage unit clean and climate-controlled are our top priorities. This is important to ensure that your valuables aren’t damaged while entrusted to Nice Guy Movers. We keep all of our storage stalls at an ideal indoor temperature all year long to prevent dust and mold from developing. We also monitor the level of humidity inside each storage unit. Every stall is regularly cleaned to ensure that dust doesn’t have a chance to settle.

Another advantage to placing your valuables in storage with Nice Guy movers is that we prevent access by mice and other rodents. When you store items in your basement, garage or a friend’s home, it can be difficult to keep pests away. The doors and walls of our storage units are made of steel, which even the strongest mouse can’t penetrate. You don’t have to worry about finding bite marks or rodent droppings on your irreplaceable possessions.

Nice Guy Movers rents storage space to individuals and businesses. No storage need is too big or too small for us to handle. We encourage you to contact our company to find out more about our short-term and long-term storage contracts. Our storage contracts are affordable and flexible enough to meet anyone’s needs.