Moving Out: Check List

Making a move to a new home a smooth experience requires planning and organization. Take the time to address the items below before moving to a new home and a smooth transition is ensured.

Four to eight weeks before moving, do the following:

1 Unload Unwanted Items

Prepare to unload unwanted items. Plan a garage sale for the items identified and the money earned can be used toward moving expenses on a reputable Orlando long distance moving company.

2. Report Address Change

Call banks, doctors, credit card companies, motor vehicles, insurance companies and human resource at work to report a change of address. Also, fill out a post office form to register your new address for other mail.

3. If renting the current home, set up a date for the landlord to inspect the home so that the security, with interest, is returned. If repairs are needed, make them before the landlord inspects the house or have the costs for repairs deducted from the security.

4. Get the doorway measurements at the new home to ensure furniture will fit through without a problem. When scheduling local movers Orlando, ask whether furniture is taken apart and put it back together when doorway measurements are below the standard size.

5. Report address change to children’s schools so that transfers can be set up before the date of the move.

6. Phone utility companies to have the utilities turned off at the end of the day on the day of the move. Provide a start date for the new address on that same day. This way, electricity and other suppliers are available at both homes during the day of the move.

7. Contact a long distance Orlando mover to inquire about costs for moving and boxes. Schedule a moving date and arrange to pick up the boxes at least two weeks in advance of the move.

8. Pack seasonal items and items used less frequently.

The week of the move:

9. Pack items used daily.

10. Have the new home cleaned, and finish last minute cleaning at the old home.

11. Call movers to confirm arrival time on the day of the move.

12. Arrange for someone to watch pets and young children on the day of the move.

Completing the items on the above list will prepare individuals for a smooth transition into a new home, guaranteed.