Moving Tip #1 – Get Good Quality Packing and Moving Supplies

Packing and moving in Orlando can seem to be a monumental task when first considered. Most people look at the vast amount of work to be done and can’t even see a place to start. Yet, a successful move is easy to accomplish when compared with launching a satellite into earth’s orbit. Both are accomplished in the same way — by breaking down the huge task into a number of smaller tasks and beginning with the end result in mind. In the case of a successful move, the goal is to have all of your belongings arrive at your new location safe and sound. The first step is to secure good quality packing and moving supplies.

Packing Supplies

What Supplies Do I Need?
When moving from one place to another, assuming that you are NOT hiring professional movers, you will need to pack all of your belongings into containers, load those containers onto a vehicle, then move those containers to your new location, and finally unload all of those containers at your new location. Below is a basic list of what you will need:

  • Sturdy Regular-Sized Boxes
  • Strong Packing Tape
  • Moving Dolly/Hand Truck
  • Special Boxes (wardrobe, drinking glasses, mirrors, etc.)
  • Garbage Bags
  • 1 (or more) Moving Vehicles
  • Strong Friends
  • Refreshments for your Strong Friends

When you acquire these supplies, don’t skimp. The foundation of a successful move is in its moving supplies.

Quality moving suppliesWhy Pay Extra For Quality Supplies?
The answer to this question is a simple one: Because you care about your belongings. Let’s face it — accidents happen. Things get dropped and boxes fall to the ground. When that happens, only the quality of the packing supplies you have purchased to protect your items stand in the way of potential disaster. You don’t have to pay for quality moving supplies, but if you really care about your stuff, then you will. If you can’t hire professionals, at least use professional tools to do the job.

Where Can I Find Professional Moving Supplies
You can usually locate quality moving supplies at moving companies, warehouses, and home-improvement stores. If you are looking for moving supplies in Orlando, Florida, then contact Nice Guy Movers at 407-536-5585. They have everything you need and over 70 years moving experience.