Pros and Cons of moving in Spring

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Moving at any time of year presents unique circumstances. The spring, with its blue skies and blooming flowers, has its own pros and cons. If you want more specific information about this, you can contact the

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of your preference before you decide your moving date. Here’s a look at the good and bad parts of moving in the springtime.

Getting Settled In

The spring is warmer and brighter than the winter months before it. On the upside, this means that you can start enjoying your new backyard right away. You can start mowing your lawn, planting new flowers and trimming hedges according to your own vision of the home’s landscaping. At the same time, however, you won’t be spending your first months cozy inside your new home.

Longer Days

The spring gives you longer days, allowing more time to move and get other things done. You’ll have more leeway to load and unload your moving truck or schedule movers to get the job done. You’ll also have more energy longer into the evenings, giving you more time each day to unpack and re-organize your possessions. However, downsides include the possibility of fatigue with longer days.

Remodeling and Landscaping


The spring months are perfect for getting started on remodeling a home’s interior and exterior. If you move during this time, you can begin right away with modifying everything you have in mind. If you enjoy gardening, the ground will be soft and ready for planting. However, you’ll also have less time to plan before the weather gets warm. This means that you might get less done over the spring and summer than if you had moved in the winter. It will also be too late to plant certain types of plants if you want to harvest them in fall.

Getting Acquainted with Neighbors

The spring is a time for new beginnings, including the social aspects of your lifestyle. Backyard barbecues and area outings provide opportunities to meet the neighbors around your new home in the springtime. However, rain could mean that you’ll have to wait a few months before getting acquainted.

If you want to move in the spring, it will also affect your experience with

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Days are longer, making more work possible before dusk. No matter the weather, however, Orlando movers will surely be ready to move your home in the highest heat and humidity so you can get settled in and ready for summer.