Tips for a Corporate Move

Moving offices is an event that happens from time to time; hopefully, it’s because the company is expanding and needs a bigger space in which to operate! Before knowing what that moving company Orlando has to offer at your service, you, the business owner or manager, need to make some preparations.

Do not plan the move during, right before or right after the company’s busy season. If you plan it during this stressful season, then everyone is going to be really overwhelmed. Not only do all of the employees need to worry about getting their work done, but they’ll also have to navigate to a new place of employment and possibly helping with packing up all of the boxes too.

You must also make an inventory. Most Orlando Corporate Movers will assist you with it. When you don’t have a clear inventory, it’s very hard for you to know if something got lost along the move. Make a list of every box and the contents of the box that is going into the moving truck. Watch as it is moved from the inside of the company to the truck, and then put a check mark next to it. Once it has arrived at the new company space, you can completely check it off from the list. Do not mark it all up so that it’s unreadable though; you may need to go back to review it if something goes missing.

Try to keep operations as simple as possible when the moving truck comes. Having every single employee of the company is not necessary. Maybe some of the employees are going to be assisting with the move, and that’s fine. However, they should not be getting in the way of the movers. The more people that are present, the more chaos that is created. You want the move to go seamlessly.

Of course, it’s always important to allow extra time for a move, especially when it’s an entire business that is being moved. It’s unlikely that it will take only a few hours for everyone and everything to be settled. This rule is even more true if the move is across the state or across the country. Furthermore, you also want the employees to have time to get into their new space, set up all of their equipment and adjust to the new schedule. You want to get back to operations as quickly as possible, but you may need a bit more time.