What Is a Non-Binding Quote?

Non-binding quotes are the most common bid types Orlando long distance moving companies use. They differ significantly from binding quotes, which companies make before a job and customers are obligated to pay no matter what amount of work may be involved. Non-binding estimates, by contrast, are not guarantees of how much clients will pay at completion. A job estimate is created, but it is only for reference, and the final bill may be up to ten percent higher than the initial amount due to extra work performed. The following explores non-binding quotes in detail.

Non-binding quotes are not contracts. They are drawn up to provide a reference to customers during a job, but the moving company isn’t obligated to stay at or below the estimate. This is because moving jobs vary dramatically depending on additional services, shipment weight and required labor. Still, laws require that non-binding estimates are recorded in writing at the beginning of a job so that customers understand what services can be expected from a moving company. Changes often occur after the estimate has been made. When a company that finds additional items in the shipment, it can revise the original estimate or simply refuse the job.

At the outset of a job, a company’s estimate will include any additional services that may be necessary depending on a phone survey or visual inspection of the moving site. During the job, however, more services may be recognized and added to a bill. These may include unusually bulky or heavy items, such as pianos, excessive travel distance between a property and the moving truck and usage of stairs or elevators. Other billing additions may cover physical alterations to a property or specialized packing of large appliances.

Upon completion of a job, customers receive a bill of lading that includes the non-binding estimate in writing. Customers should review this estimate for accuracy. The bill of lading cannot, by law, require customers to pay more than the original or revised bill plus 10 percent.

As a non-binding estimate is only an approximation of a job’s size, customers should remember that any Orlando long distance moving company may need to add items to a final bill. Unfortunately, this possibility also leaves room for certain unscrupulous companies to scam clients by revising estimates beyond what is reasonable. To enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a non-binding estimate, central Florida residents should only work with a reputable moving company in Orlando.