One Month Before Moving

It is important that you take at least a month to prepare and organize your family for your Orlando local move, or long distance one. Something very useful is to to set up all your priorities and write them, so you can get a big map of what is moving and how many things are going to be necessary.  Here is a list of tips to keep in mind:

Check List For Moving

1. Notifying friends, employees, relatives, etc, about your change of address is very important.  Besides, maybe you can get some of them to volunteer for moving day.

2.  Place important documents apart, in a safe place.  This will prevent losing any documents while packing.

3. Notify utilities and insurance companies about your move and start any needed paper work.  Also contact the necessary companies to cancel or transfer any subscriptions you have.

4. If you haven’t contacted an Orlando dependable moving company to set up the date yet, it is time to do so.

Keep on track of what is coming,  Nice Guy will give all tips to help you out in your moving!