5 things that will happen once you move to Orlando

What to expect once you move to Orlando

1. You will notice it is a beautiful city.

And it won’t take you long to notice that. Once you move Orlando you will be amazed by an incredible view and surrounded by admirable buildings. The city projects amazingly bright colors at day and at night; it even seems as if everything around you has been taken from a painting book. Trust us when we say that you will be the envy of your friends.

2. You will not have to mind cooking at all.

Has this enlightened your eyes? Well, we know how challenging it is for some to keep up with the daily chores after moving to other city, so this might have you carefree when breakfast, lunch and dinner time takes you into doubt: Orlando is known for having a huge amount of eating options since there are new restaurants opening up practically each week. Once you move to Orlando you will find out it is a city where you will always have something enjoyable to do… or at least something enjoyable to eat.

3. Almost everyone you’ll meet works at a theme park.

As absurd or humorous it sounds it is certainly a situation that you will come across very often since Disney World is the city’s number one employer, providing jobs for more than 60,000 people. If moving to Orlando is in your plans ahead you must know that there are plenty of jobs out there for residents. Disney and Co. alone employed almost 1 million in 2011.Not bad, Mickey.

4. You will come across with serious traffic.

Well, where not? Still don’t panic, we would be brutally honest: you will notice it in summer, since most people drive to theme parks on this season. If you come from one of the cities with the lowest traffic congestion, like Cleveland or Kansas, for instance, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning. However, it is not rated on the top 5 cities with the worst traffic, so chill.

If tangling with traffic doesn’t work for you, there are other reliable options that you can always rely on, like the LYNX system.

5. Hotels. Hotels everywhere.

In fact, only Las Vegas beats out Orlando for the highest number of hotel rooms in one city. Shocking, huh? However you can take the most out of this! Hotels in Orlando offer countless discounts to Florida residents plus you can enjoy exclusive park themes benefits as well.  So it turns out it pays to be a Floridian.  Orlando for Residents

Last Reflection

There’s so much to do in Orlando that it’s been estimated in a study that the average traveler would have to spend a full 67 days in the city to experience all of it. Perhaps once you move to Orlando you will have the opportunity to feel like a tourist in a city that can offer much more than a vast order of oranges.

If you’re about to move soon…or perhaps you are one of those who make hasty decisions and this just helped you realized Orlando will work right for you, Nice Guy Movers Orlando can help you out with your moving process; we are moving experts since decades who can assist you with common situations like packing to moving your belongings over long distances.