Orlando full service moving companies: how much can it cost?

Trustworthy Orlando full service moving companies

Orlando full service moving companiesThe cost of moving in or around Orlando can vary greatly. Everything from the rates of the individual full-service moving company to the distance to the new home can play a role when prices are determined. This is why getting a quote from different moving companies is very important. Although the precise amounts are impossible to predict, several factors are used when calculating the cost of hiring Orlando full service moving companies.

Volume of Items Being Moved
The main factor affecting cost is the volume of items being moved. Some companies calculate rates based on weight. Most Orlando full service moving companies will use volume to determine the cost. The volume of items is how much space they take up in a truck. People who have many boxes and several full furniture sets are going to have high rates than people who have only a few items. Throwing away items or placing them into storage can lower costs.

Pack and Unpack Service
Orlando full service moving companies almost always offer packing and unpacking services to clients. This means the movers will wrap all personal possessions and place them into secure boxes. The family does not have to worry about packing at all in the days or weeks before the move. The movers can also unpack boxes in the same rooms of the new home or apartment after arriving. This service is very convenient for busy families. It usually adds a certain amount to the final cost of the move.

Orlando full service moving companiesRenting Moving Supplies
Full-service movers will often offer to sell or rent moving supplies to clients. This is very common when the movers will be packing and unpacking everything as part of the full-service contract. Renting moving supplies is usually a very economical way to reduce costs. The boxes and furniture quilts are simply returned when the move is over. This can lower waste and trash after moving. Purchasing supplies will increase moving costs although it can also save time and headaches.

The actual distance can make a difference. Distance is not as important when moving just inside of Orlando. Moving to another part of Florida or moving out of the state will increase costs. Most Orlando full service moving companies will charge a set rate based on distance if the move is outside of the local area in the city.

Other Additional Services from Orlando full service moving companies

Orlando full service moving companies offer many different options to clients. Each additional service added will increase costs. Extra services usually make the move easier and safer. Some extra services include renting storage space with the company for extra items or transporting a vehicle to the new home. Potential clients should ask about bundling services since they often cost less when handled through a single moving company.