4 Pitfalls with Office Relocation

"office relocation"Even if it’s two blocks away or nearly leaving town, the office relocation can be a lot more complicated than moving out of home. So take into consideration that you might be facing with a stressful process with the logistics of your move if you don’t plan ahead and manage the inevitable changes your company’s about to encounter. However, don’t lose your positive attitude. In fact, this post will highlight some of the issues and problems presented during office relocation as a way to see the upside of the situation and seek for solutions. Here we go!

Decision making

"office relocation"Since your office relocation can affect business and even impact your workers’ comfort, you must co-ordinate with them in every decision making. Whether a person is moving down the hall, or the entire company is moving to a different building, or a new town, relocation can bring along risks, communication problems, legalities, and security issues, therefore you should be prepare to what may come. Set a timeline of tasks and major requirements based on the current situation. Communicate clearly to your staff why some tasks must be performed early on as a team.

Before that, the relocation date must be planned ahead; take in mind that moving to another place during a time of high production or in an extremely busy period could be catastrophic since your employees might overlook some of their daily responsibilities due to a bad planning of relocation. Therefore, it would be a good idea to set a date on which your business has availability to recurrent movements.

Space Planning

Moving your business from an   “old” space to a “new” can be an exciting experience because it might mean that your business is growing further since the past years or months and the need of a bigger space was inevitable; but as a matter of fact, space can be an issue that might further lead to problems with the functionality of your business, giving constant headaches to you and the whole staff. Office relocation is not just about moving your office stuff from one place to another, the space can considerably influence in your employees, from the ergonomics of the new place to the incorrect accommodation of their work desks. Perhaps some of your employees require having a private space due to the work they perform.

"office relocation"

For effective space planning you should be undertaken to review procedures, where the arrangement of furniture and equipment must be supported. For instance, decide if you need new furniture or the distribution of existing furniture will work just fine and will fill the needs of your staff and their duties. Have a written plan of reception areas, coworking spaces, photocopy area, coffee station, meeting room; everything you need to keep in mind to make your office space an agreeable place to communicate.

IT’S Relocation

This might be one of the riskiest situations for you since your IT equipment is essential to run your business, if you happen to leave this point aside you will totally fail, so you should organize your IT relocation properly; Prioritize essential items from the beginning (run computers, network requirements, phone / mail, etc.)

Hiring Cheap Movers

You must understand that the relocation of your office is no joke even though you try to see it as an exciting new beginning or an overwhelming change you want to keep extending because you may have other financial issues to consider. When moving your office to a new building you will need help from professionals that know the process. Perhaps you are somebody who likes to take care of every single step but later on you may be caught in the moment when you realize that the move of heavy desks, heavy equipment, computers, local phones, furniture disassembly, etc. of your office is more exhausting and takes away a lot of time from your daily tasks. This is the moment you might find yourself more desperate and possibly can make you take hasty decisions that could actually cost you more, like hiring cheap movers…resist hiring a cheap moving company. Be sure to hire expertise in the field of corporate moves; doing so will help you focus on your core work and avoid a bad relocation day after all you have been planning ahead.

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