How to stay organized after a move?

Any move, whether national, international or local, is not easy to handle, since many important factors must be taken into account to make it successful, organized and calm. Emotional factors are always involved in the process, where stress, anxiety, fears, discomfort among others are very common. However, this happens because of poor planning.

Generally, people tend to give importance to the move only at the beginning, but what about after? It is also essential to learn several things about how to unpack and maintain order after the move. You should make a plan that will guide you in all the tasks to be done in your new place.

So how do you keep order after a move?

Moving is often a total mess, even more so when you have no idea where to start at the very end of the process. To do this, you have to plan everything according to the space and time you have, since most people have to work, study, cook, take care of the children (if you have any), among other things. Now, in order to maintain order after the move, it is necessary to:

  1. Being mentally stable: This is a really important factor that sometimes goes unnoticed by many people. The emotional part of every human being plays a huge role in their daily life. Being mentally stable will allow you to plan and organize in a proper way. Also, you will need a simple way to channel stress, anxiety, sadness or any other feeling that messes with the joy of starting a new chapter.

  2. Encourage help: if you’re moving with a group of people, everyone should work together to carry out the activities required to maintain order. Otherwise, a single person cannot handle the whole situation.

What habits of order and planning can be implemented?

  • Schedule one day a week for deep cleaning of the new property.
  • Create habits of responsibility where order is the protagonist at home.
  • Locate each object, goods and belongings in the right place.
  • Reduce the spaces where things are stored.
  • Hang clothes or put them away as soon as they are no longer used.
  • Dedicate 20 minutes to tidy up every space in the home in a quick and easy way. For deeper cleaning there is a cleaning day.
  • Take out the garbage daily.

Teaching cleanliness and order should begin at a very early age through repetition. That is to say, to create a daily habit about order, planning, among other important aspects.

The move itself leaves a lot of emotional and physical chaos, which is why the best option is to apply methods that contribute, encourage and help to maintain order in the new property. You should try to make it a fun activity without causing stress and bad moods.