How to Clean up After a Move

Get the Correct Cleaning Supplies to Clean the HouseSurviving the move is the primary objective but you also need to make sure you take steps to make the days and week after the move more bearable as you begin to clean up and get your home ready to go up for sale. Here is a list of steps for How to Clean up After a Move and make it easier when you decide to tackle the project on your own.

    1. After movers have loaded up all the furniture and boxes and everything you are taking, throw away all the rubbish that is left behind. Throw out all the left over packing materials and boxes and trash left over from the work preparing for the move. This will go a long way in helping you get a good start on figuring how to clean up after a move.
    2. A good job depending on the tools and materials you have at your disposal so make sure you buy the proper cleaning products. Get the cleaning supplies you need for the carpets, floors, walls, windows, and other surface that will need some tender loving care and attention. Buy only high quality products so you not waste money or risk damaging things with low quality products.
    3. One easy place to start when trying to figure out how to clean up after a move is to check the wardrobes, drawers, kitchen appliances, and other furniture you are leaving. Use the appropriate cleaner for each item that you are cleaning and make sure everything gets wiped down and cleaned thoroughly.  Do not forget to vacuum the carpets and wash the curtains and the drapes. Start in one room and clean everything completely then move on to the next room so you can be sure nothing gets missed.How to Clean up After a Move
    4. When you move on to start on the floors, walls, windows and doors, be sure to use the proper detergents and cleaners. Leave everything stainless, polish everything the best that you can, and get things as spotless as possible. You want your home to look clean and inviting and welcoming so make sure you take the time to do a good job.
    5. Take care for the outdoor area. Make sure your yard, patio, or garden, are all in good condition. Throw away the garbage and keep the outdoor areas clean and welcoming. This is often the first thing people see and so you want to leave a good impression as you work on How to Clean Up After a Move.