Ask These Questions Before Hiring an Interior Designer

shutterstock_794678257Relocating to a new space is a big and sensitive step to most people, not only do you have to adjust to a new neighborhood you also have to hire an interior designer too . Before hiring any professional, it’s advisable to carry out an interview to evaluate their competence and experience. Here are some questions you should ask an interior designer before giving them a contract for the job:

How many years have you been working as an interior designer? This will give you the basis to determine if their experience is up to meet your expectations.

Do you work alone or as a team? Most people in the interior design profession make come as a company, individual or recommendations from the constructors of the unit. Their answer will guide you to estimate how much money you are likely to spend.

Are you a native of this location? If the interior designer is born and breed in that area, he/she is likely to get better deals as they are well known in the neighborhood.

Do you have any portfolio of work previously done? This will give you an outline of the style of designs they are most conversant with and guide you to settling for the one leaning more to your personal style.

What are your charges? Before purchasing anything, one has to come up with a budget they are comfortable with, their answer will give you’re a go-ahead to hiring them or a standstill.

What is the mode of payment if hired? Do they take cash? Cheques, do you pay the whole fee upfront? Do you pay a half fee for commitment and the rest upon completion and delivery? This will guide you to settling on a designer whom you are most comfortable to handle your work.

What hours can you be available? This will help you plan your schedule leaving enough time for appointments with the company or in the case of an emergency are they easily accessible and if yes will it cost you extra for them to attend to you without the appointment.

Why should I hire you? This is their chance to try and convince you to hire them as opposed to other designers who may be eying the same spot.

What do you expect from me as a client? Your availability, time, payment mode.

What can my budget get me? This will provide a broad range of styles from different designers and offer you a wide pool to choose from to suit your personal style.

What better deals can you get me as compared to other contending designer? The designer will convince you as to why they should get the job, their experience, their qualifications and discounts they give in their packages.

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