Avoid Damage to Your Plants on Your Next Move

Is it time to pack up all your prized possessions and move to a new destination? Moving Plantscan create a lot of headache and anxiety, but especially for sentimental gardeners who cherish their plants. A lot of work is put into helping plants grow healthily. All those tender leaves and sensitive root systems are just small parts of a large, alive organism. Plants are extremely susceptible to damage when taken out of their favorite environments. But there’s a safe way to pack up and transport your plants. Read on to find out how.
How Should I Package Them?

First, let’s talk about safely packing your plants. If you have your plants in clay pots, this might be a little challenging. Clay pots are susceptible to breaking, especially if they’re sitting right next to each other on a bumpy car or truck ride. To reduce the risk factor, try re-potting your plants in plastic pots before the day of your move. If you don’t have time for this, then at least bubble wrap or cushion the pots with packing paper to keep them from breaking along the way. After you’ve finished re-potting and cushioning, place all of your plants into small boxes together. Place packing paper between each pot. This will prevent them from jostling around too much during the move.
Can I Ship My Plants?

Yes, you can! Shipping smaller house plants can be done, but is generally not recommended for larger plants. If you ship your plants, take care to pack them in a way that provides a maximum amount of padding. To pad the leafy parts of your plants, use tissue paper, newspaper, or a light-weight packing paper. Before placing them in the shipping box, make sure to put a plastic bag over the bottom of the plant. This will prevent soil from escaping the pot into the shipping box. Consider taping the bottom inside of your box with packing tape before placing your plant inside of it to add extra security and firmness.

Now that you’ve packed the plant properly, put a few holes into the sides of the box for airflow. Make sure to label the box showing which side is “UP” and mark the box with the words “FRAGILE” and “LIVE HOUSE PLANT.” This will prompt shipping agents to take a little more care during handling and transport.
What Is the Safest Way to Transport My Plants?

The safest way to move your plants is to pack them in the car with you on the day of your move. This allows you to give them sunlight, air and water along the way. If you are driving for several days and need to stop for a hotel, then you can also take the plants inside with you to increase their access to air and water. Remember to pack them in your car last, and make sure they’re the first items to come out of your car when you reach your final destination. This will prevent them from wilting from heat exposure or lack of moving air.

With a little effort, plants can be transported to your new residence quite safely. By packing them appropriately with the right materials, moving them to their new location doesn’t have to be a painstaking, nerve-wracking process. Remember that plants are living creatures, so whichever transportation method you choose, just make sure they don’t go without sun, water and air for extended periods of time.