How to Avoid Moving Day Theft

It’s painfully clear—burglars don’t play by any rule. Worse is when they’re disguised as movers; they’ll rob you and, to inflame the wound, be able to walk away scot free.

It’s a common advice among movers to always name what’s inside your boxes while packing. The problem is that this makes it easy for them to target your valuables. For unprofessional movers, all they need to do to rob you is open a targeted box and take out a few of your valuables before rearranging what’s left and taping the box back.

Some home owners never discover about the theft until days later when the movers have already left.

How do you protect yourself from becoming a targeted victim of unprofessional movers?

Do Some Due Diligence on the Rate of Crime in your Geographical Location

Simple logic—if your geographical local has a high crime rate, there’s a higher possibility that you might be welcoming burglars disguised as

To stay safe, start by looking at the rate of crime in your area. You might NOT be able to dig into the specifics, but the information you
get might help you tell who to trust or give you enough reasons to be extra careful when dealing with movers.

Use Colored Tapes

Most of the tapes movers bring with them on the moving day are of the standard type, mostly black in color. So if you decide to pick a unique color, they might NOT have a replacement tape to cover their traces.

Go online and shop for a unique tape or, better, use different colors on different boxes depending on how much you value what’s inside. Say, red tape for the most valuable possession you have, and which you’ll be opening immediately the moving truck alights at your new home and a different color for the boxes you can wait to open later.

Mark Each Box with a Priority

An alternative to using different colored box is to mark each box with a priority number. All you have to do is prepare a code sheet where you’ll be assigning each number with a meaning only known to you.

Cheap Stuff Should be packed at the Top of the Boxes

Start by sorting out your valuables based on their value. Next, proceed to pack more valuable items at the bottom of the boxes before covering them with the cheap and easily replaceable stuff you’ll be less stressed in case stolen.

This may make it seem like all your stuff are of low value and therefore NOT worth thieving.

Pick a Reputable Mover

The moving company you choose should be able to bear full responsibility of what happens to your valuables while in transit. Speaking of which, they should be able to make sure that all your belongings arrive at their destination as they were in your old home.

Go through online reviews and find out if the company is to be trusted. Are they verified? If so, what do their past clients have to say about them?