Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Are You in Need of Great Basement Remodeling Ideas?Many people believe that when a house has a basement, it will be primarily used to store things we don’t need, Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations and all sorts of clutter. However, very few people think about Basement Remodeling Ideas so that the space underneath the house is not wasted or left to whither away.

With this in mind, today we shall look at some Basement Remodeling Ideas that you can implement for your house easily, and can make the most out of those big areas in your house. Lets begin!

Small Bathroom

A small bathroom with a full shower is another convenient addition to this basement. The old barnwood that serves as the bathroom counter was an inexpensive purchase at a salvage yard. This and other salvaged pieces add character and help connect the lower level to the rest of the house.

Family Room

A renovation takes this basement from lowly to lovely. A single door and plate glass windows were replaced with French doors and double-hung windows, which allowed more light to enter and gave the space better views of the backyard. Removing dropped-ceiling panels also helped to open up the space, giving this basement family room an airy feel.

Home Office

Across from the sitting area, a home office was constructed using inexpensive IKEA pieces and a painted wood countertop. A 4-inch concrete slab was poured over the existing floor and a stained finish was used to match the wood floors on the main level. A gas fireplace replaces an old woodstove and the existing brick was made light and bright after being covered with plaster and white paint.

Guest Bedroom

Visitors can find comfort and refuge in this basement thanks to an added guest suite justBasement Remodeling Ideas are a Must! off the family room. Two closets offer an unexpected amount of storage in this small space and create a cozy alcove for the bed. A high ledge acts as a headboard and display area, and two space-saving wall scones light the nook. The bed faces French doors that, like the family room, take in backyard views.

Walk-Out Basement

This basement was nothing more than a dumping ground for holiday decorations and too-small clothing until the family realized its hidden potential. To open the basement to the outdoors and create a walkout, they excavated 5 feet out of the backyard. A set of double doors and windows, with the same details that match the rest of the home, were installed and allow light to fill the space.

Hobby Room

The basement can be the perfect place for hobby and craft rooms. Here, a family’s love for scrapbooking, model shipbuilding, and togetherness came together in one space. An extra-long counter allows enough space for two people to work. Cabinets constructed using stock drawers provide plenty of storage. Wicker baskets filled with supplies fit right inside a set of open shelves.

Thank you for reading! We hope these Basement Remodeling Ideas have helped you out in deciding what to do with that extra space in your house. Be sure to share this with friends and family and we hope you have a nice day! Goodbye!