Keep your Belongings Safe During Your Next Move on a Rainy Day

Imagine all the things that could be damaged by rainwater if you move on a rainy day. Your exotic wood furnishings, bedding, shoes and most importantly your electronics are at risk of getting rained on if not protected during the moving process. This is why you need to take preventive measures if you suspect that it might rain on the moving day. Below are a few tips to help you keep everything safe during your next move on a rainy day


This is the first and most important stage. You have to ensure all your belongings are well covered with water-proof covers. This will protect your property during the loading and moving processes. Plastic garbage bags seem to be a darling for many movers. You may use these to wrap photo frames, electronics and moving boxes. Once everything is neatly packed inside these bags, wrap it up with strong scotch tape.
For bigger items like chairs, beds, tables and TV stands, look for large, strong plastic covers which can be used to cover up the furniture, once it’s loaded into the moving truck.

On the moving day

On this day, load your property into the truck cleverly. Start with the most sensitive belongings such as electronics and mattresses. Place these at the bottom of the truck such that they will be protected by less important/sensitive items at the top. You may also consider placing blankets at the top to ensure they absorb water, in case the truck leaks.
Also, check for leaks before the journey begins and cover your belongings with plastic covers where necessary.


You are now at the new home and you’re probably thinking that your work is done. Unfortunately, belongings can be damaged during this final stage as you offload them from the truck, into the house. Your valuables are prone to rain as you move them from the truck to the house. It is also easy to slip and fall, leading to further damages.To avoid such an incident, wear appropriate shoes, such as rain boots.

In addition, divide your team into three categories; those offloading items from the truck, a second team that takes your belongings to the house’s entrance and another team to arrange everything inside the house. This will prevent them from transferring mud and water into the house.It is also important to unpack immediately if you move during a heavy downpour. This will prevent items from soaking with rainwater and it will also save your moving boxes from getting damaged.

Consider working with pros
In conclusion, professional packers and movers are in the business of moving house, regardless of the weather. They, therefore, have the necessary tools and expertise to move on a rainy day. Consider hiring their services if you are shorthanded or if you fear damaging valuable items. Such a decision may force you to dig a little deeper into your pockets, but it will be worth it in the long run. Bear in mind that cheap can be very expensive, in terms of replacing damaged items.