The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre is a Great Place to Visit in Orlando

performing-artsOriginally known as the Municipal Auditorium the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center is found at 401 W Livingston St Orlando, FL 32801. The venue was established many decades ago, and although the DPC PC manages it, the Orlando City Council holds ownership of this theater.

A brief history of the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center

The venue operated for the first time during the early 1920s with the first performances performed by Aida from the Grand La Scala Opera Company. Throughout the next years, the venue has become an entertainment center with renowned artists like Elvis Presley, Andy Griffith, and Marty Robbins also performing there.During the 1970s, the Orlando City Council renovated the venue transforming the auditorium into a first-class concert and theater hall. It was during these renovations that the site was given the name Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in honor Orlando’s Mayor Bob Carr.

Technical and structural modifications have enabled the theater to be the home to many performing companies including the Broadway Across America, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Festival of Orchestras, as well as the Orlando Ballet. And with the opening of Dr. Phillips Center, most performances have been moved to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center. More musical shows and dance recitals are now being performed at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center.

It was only two years ago, that the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center was incorporated into a Creative Village; a mixed-use residential and commercial development property. Plans are not yet known, but the venue remains of Orlando’s integral history and should become a home for alternative and digital art performances.

You’ll find the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center so captivating that you’ll go back

When you attend a show at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, you’ll definitely go back for more. You’ll experience the theater’s coziness and memories. Instead of rows and columns, there are rows in a single column that extends through the entire auditorium. And once you’re seated, you can never get up; let’s say to use the washrooms.

Also, the Bob Carr staff is ever eager and professional while going about their business; making your experience very pleasant. It is advisable to reach on time for you to shop the available stalls and still get settled before the show. You can also pre-book your seat early, and you’ll get amazed with the beautiful acoustics from Lindsay Sterling, Phantom, Philharmonic, Nutcracker and the Les Miserable’s among others. You’ll find the place quite natural and beautiful for a night out and even though Orlando’s Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre might be old, you get to enjoy the theater’s classic grace and character.