Budgeting for Your Next Move What You Need to Know

It might seem like a short list of things you’ll have to do. Hire movers, pack, pay for shutterstock_794678257airfare/fuel, and head out. But, this isn’t the case. Whether you’re moving across your state, or clear across the country, when it comes to relocation, you’ll need to make a list of things to consider, to ensure you’re budgeting for the move.
Your Relocation Budget List

What exactly do you have to consider when it comes to moving costs? How much are you going to need? When relocating to a new city or state, some of the costs you should budget for are:

-Transport for a vehicle (if you’re shipping a car)
-Cost of movers (in or out of state)
-New furniture (If you plan on leaving your current furniture behind)
-Cost of new clothing (summer/winter and different climate zones)
-Electric, gas, and internet, TV, and other utility bills in the new home (connection costs)
-Cost of fuel, food, education in a different town, city, or state

Basically, you’ll want to consider all the costs, for packing, moving, transport, and getting you and your family from point A to point B when you’re relocating to a new destination.
What’s Covered?

Okay, you have a list of all the costs. But, you’ll have to budget accordingly to know you have enough to cover those costs. When making your budget, you’ll want to consider:

– If you’re being reimbursed by your company or a government employerHow much of the relocation cost (if any) your employer will cover.

– If your spouse/partner’s employer will help with the move.

– If you have funds in savings for moving

– Having a “nest” fund in place for the first few months.

Every move is different. Obviously, a local move isn’t as costly as moving clear across the country. Plan accordingly, and consider these costs, and where you’ll get the funds from, to ensure you’re fully covered, and have what you need, when you’re settled into your new home.