The City Beautiful’s Fountain at Lake Eola – Orlando

History of the Fountain

The fountain in the middle of Lake Eola is officially known as the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain, after banker and traveler Linton E. Allen. The fountain itself was built in 1957 for the 100th anniversary of the City of Orlando. In 1965, the city renamed the fountain after Allen as a way to celebrate his contributions to the city. Today, the fountain is more popularly known as the Centennial Fountain or just The Fountain.

The fountain’s strategic location in the middle of Lake Eola makes it a popular attraction for locals who enjoy its nightly light shows and fireworks. The fountain also boasts of a distinct design that becomes even more visible in the evenings, when the multicolored lights dance on its surfaces as the Fountain does its nightly routine of entertaining the crowds. During the day, the Fountain is a major attraction for locals and tourists who visit the park to get some peace and tranquility and to avoid the Disney crowd.

Today, the Fountain is the unofficial symbol of the City. It is said that you have never truly visited Orlando until you have paid this place a visit. The Fountain has remained intact through the years, even after suffering major damage during a 2009 lightning strike.

About Orlando, Florida

Orlando or City Beautiful to locals, is the county seat of Orange County, Florida and the fifth largest city in the state. The city is popular for its theme parks and great weather. It is home to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, Sea World, Gator Land and Wet ‘n Wild.

Orlando boasts of a diverse culture, a rich history, and a lively entertainment scene, which can be seen in various landmarks and neighborhoods. Popular local destinations include Thornton Park, the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, and the West Church Street Neighborhood. West Church Street is particularly known for great food, live music and for its close proximity to Lake Eola. Visitors can drop by the strip for a meal and entertainment before heading out to the park.

The city also has a majestic skyline best seen at night, especially from a good seat in the amphitheater surrounding Lake Eola. From this vantage point visitors can see the skyline of tall, gleaming skyscrapers, with the lush Florida trees and foliage below offering a natural contrast.