Clever ways to improve space efficiency in your kitchen

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, so it’s important that we shutterstock_794678257organize it efficiently. Each component must be carefully planned – from layout to cooking appliances. Here are a few handy tips to help you use every inch in your kitchen.

Use your walls

If you’re short of a workspace, it pays to make good use of the walls. Free up the cardboard by hooking everything that has a handle. Install a pegboard, rods, and shelves to take utensils from the countertops to the walls. When you move dishes and small appliances from the counter, you’ll have enough space to keep everything where you want to see it.

Rethink your sink

While an undermount sink saves counter space, you can also use a single inset sink if you have a tiny kitchen. But before you decide where to place it, you must get the right measurements. You may also want to renovate your kitchen to give you enough space to accommodate the sink you want. When it comes to function, an undermount sink allows you to clean the counters with ease. This is the perfect way to squeeze every inch out of your cooking space.

Use drawers, not doors

In a typical American kitchen, a cabinet will have a drawer or a set of doors. If you want to make the most out of the available space, your cabinets should have drawers. Some drawers can be up to two feet deep, so it’s easy to get some items lost in the dark. Drawers will neatly solve the problem by making all items easy to access. Above all, you can add dividers to ensure everything fits on its own spot. It’s worth mentioning that you can fit a lot more stuff in the same amount of cabinets. Doors result in a cluttered cooking space when things pile up but drawers keep everything organized.

Make your own custom kitchen island

Kitchen islands are designed to improve space. It’s basically a permanent space that you design somewhere in your kitchen. A custom island requires a bit of an effort but can be done inexpensively. For instance, if your kitchen is tight you can improve the food preparation area. You can choose a beautiful utility table, chest of drawers, or an appealing piece of furniture. Alternatively, you can create an island as a gathering space for your family as you prepare the food. As you explore the options, be sure to envision your routine with the current setup.

Use windowsill for storage

If you have a big kitchen windowsill, you can use it to hold canisters, carafes, and other things that often clutter our counters. It pays to max out every square inch in your kitchen. The above solutions are affordable and will keep your cooking area well-organized.