Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Orlando

In the last few years, the Orlando metropolitan area has exploded in growth. Now known Kissimmee_2for much more than just being an international tourist destination, young professionals as well as families are relocating to The City Beautiful.

The first thing people will notice about Orlando is that it is a pretty spread out metro area. That means, most are going to want to pick their part of the area wisely, because no one wants to have a daily commute of an hour or more. Below is a look at a few of the up and coming neighborhoods in the area.

Lake Nona

When the Lake Nona area was first developed, many were skeptical. Why would people want to invest in million dollar homes far away from the center of the city, and right next to a busy international airport?

Fast forward to now, and the area is growing at an alarming rate. From Medical City to the United States Tennis Association National Headquarters, jobs and opportunities are coming to the area. More importantly, the entire area is exploding with new stores, restaurants and more, making it easier to live with the occasional jet flying overhead.


Located just south of downtown (hence the name), many young professionals are moving to the area and taking advantage of the slightly lower prices for homes and apartments compared to the heart of the city. First developed last decade, there has been a ton of new construction in the area to really build things up recently.

The best part is, thanks to ride sharing apps, scooters and more, it is easier than ever to get to downtown for work or play. Now is the time to look into the neighborhood as they continue to be a bit under construction. Once all the current projects are finished, SoDo is going to rival just about any other neighborhood in the area.

College Park

For many years, College Park has been often overlooked. Winter Park is the bigger, more established area just to the east, and Downtown, Thornton Park and Mills/50 are all considered to be a bit more urban.

College Park is a neighborhood to look in for with an eye on the future. Not only do they have their own stretch of downtown area with unique restaurants and shops, but it is extremely easy to get around town. Easy access to downtown and I-4 makes this a relatively easy commute no matter where a person works in town.