Top 5 Communities in the Orlando Vicinity – An Expert Guide

Thinking about moving to Orlando? You’re certainly not alone. Every aspect of Orlando is Eric-E-Johnson-Celebration-FL-1intriguing and marvelous. This is a city that combines its many facets to make it one of Florida’s most attractive areas to live, work and have some good fun. From millennials to families and the elderly, Orlando undoubtedly attracts people of all ages. For these reasons, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to relocating. With so much on offer, choosing the best neighborhood can be a bit difficult. That’s why we’ve involved our experts to help you choose. Read on and see some of the best neighborhoods that the Walt Disney City has to offer. Number 1 will surprise you!

5. Delaney Park

If living in Downtown Orlando doesn’t work for you, Delaney Park might be a great option for you. Located south of Downtown Orlando, Delaney Park will not only provide you with all the amenities of living in Downtown Orlando, but you’ll feel the vibe of living in a close-knit residential neighborhood. This neighborhood is absolutely perfect for families due to its proximity to the hospital district and the availability of a recently modernized park, which offers tennis courts and baseball fields. Lined with some of the best public and private schools in Central Florida, you’ll gladly and comfortably send your kids to great schools and won’t be worried of their safety as they come back home since the quiet brick-lined streets are safe. On weekends, you’ll have the opportunity to leisurely walk to the Lake Eola Farmers Market for some organic products or simply enjoy some good time with friends and family in the great restaurants, coffee shops and bar in the Thornton Park area.

4. Park Lake/Highland

With a population of roughly 2,102, Park Lake/Highland is home to some of the best spots in Orlando including; the famous Will’s Pub, Orlando Urban Trail, Nora’s Sugar Shack, Santiago’s Bodega and many more. Full of a suburban feel, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando where you’ll find a residential home as most of the residents here live in rental homes. Even though its public schools are above average, you still have the option of taking your lovely kids to some the best private schools in the area. On your days off, you can hit one of the neighborhood’s many parks, coffee shops, bars and restaurants with the chance of running into young professionals with moderate political views.

3. Orwin Manor

Conveniently located near College Park and Winter Park, Orwin Manor is a neighborhood that dates back to 1925, but has not stopped developing! Full of midsize homes, this suburban residential neighborhood is within steps of Florida Hospital, many shopping centers, outdoor parks and commercial establishments. This is home to the Mead Botanical Garden, which offers a serene preserve of gardens, wildlife habitats and guest porches. The neighborhood is also close to Downtown Orlando, but still remains a family-friendly neighborhood especially for those who want to escape the noisy metropolitan area.

2. Rowena Gardens

With a population of just over 1,300, Rowena Gardens is one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando. Smooth work commute, proximity to some of the best restaurants in Orange County and public schools that are above average, Rowena Gardens is never lacking. This neighborhood offers its residents an urban feel with a vibrant outdoor scene. This is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Orlando. It offers an endless list of amenities that can be found anywhere including Downtown Orlando. The crime rate is low in Rowena Gardens and you won’t just lack something to immerse yourself in, whether day or night.

1. Audubon Park

With a great number of highly-rated schools and a burgeoning organic community garden, Audubon Park is labeled the “garden district” of Orlando and has direct ties to both Winter Park and Downtown Orlando. This neighborhood has a wonderful sense of community with neighbors mixing and mingling freely at the organic food markets, restaurants and its many parks. Audubon Park has a reputation for being very safe and is surrounded with endless amenities with A-ratings. This is a very vibrant community that is a hit with many families and young professionals seeking for an active lifestyle.

Without doubt, every neighborhood in Orlando is diverse, full of perfect amenities, beautiful and never lacks a little something for everyone as long as you know where to look. If you’re looking to relocate to Orlando, you can sit pretty tight knowing that there are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods that offer the good old fashioned southern hospitality.