Conditions To Be Set Before Moving in with a Friend

Golden Rules Before Moving in with a Friend

Moving in. Easy thing to say. Even more when you decide to live with a friend. What can happen, right? As far as you know, moving in with a friend can bring many benefits and it seems like a non-stop party; not only the chance to share the rent payments among you, but also enjoy your company 24/7. Well, along with the freedom you’re about to experience, come responsibilities that you must take into consideration if you want to keep a lasting friendship. Chances are you have this strong, solid relationship which is why there was no hesitation to live together.

For starters, you have to relax the body and mind and assume that moving is not going to be easy. But on the other hand, moving in with a friend can be an enjoyable experience if you know how to start off with the right foot. Chances are that you have heard so many stories from close friends who have live together and everything has gone great!

But, you have never imagined the pitfalls that two partners may get across when they say that “they are moving” without thinking about the ‘golden rules’. Remember that both of you have different preferences and budgets to make a living, so establishing ground rules before moving in will get you both out of serious problems in the future. We don’t mean to take away all the fun and excitement off the situation, but after all, this is business, you are signing a contract (no fun and games) so you better talk about living conditions and organize what’s it going to be from the moment you share a living space because your friendship may be on a thin line where you will begin to see things that you thought never existed. To prevent mismatched expectations that can cause friction and communication troubles between you and your close friend we provide you a short list of golden rules that you should not miss by any circumstance if both want to keep it cool.

Moving in with a FriendThe Roomate Statute 

On time payments

Sharing a living space is not only to pay the bills, but establish to pay them on time. Before moving in with a friend make sure both will be equally responsible for the payment of the apartment expenses such as gas bills, electricity, water and other services. To avoid problems by things being unsaid draw a contract witnessed by a third person
that states each one’s responsibilities, this way you and your friend are aware of the consequences of not paying on time.

Who cleans what and when?

Within the partaking for common shores in the apartment, consider the drafting of rules for cleaning and maintenance of common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. You have no idea how uncomfortable this turns if you don’t set a schedule of doings for each to take care.

Moving in with a Friend

 Shared expenses

Before moving in with a friend talk about the costs for cleaning and food, whether both are willing to divide the budget for cleaning products, maintenance services, and foodstuff, or will take this issue separately. Don’t compromise yourself with a friend that has a higher budget than you, because you might end up short on money by the end of the month, and chances are your friend will not care about it the first couple of months, however, over time if this ground rule is not establish from the beginning you’re going to become the ‘uncomfortable roommate’.

Moving in with a Friend

Visit Frequency

It’s easy to think that you can handle sporadic visits from your roommate’s friends or family members on weekends, however, what if this irregular stays on your apartment start becoming a recurrent situation, day in and day out? Chances are that you will start feeling uncomfortable in your own place, and unable to seek for a bit of privacy. Unfortunately this factor will happen if you don’t set your ‘visit frequency’ golden rule before settling in together. Be flexible and work to compromise with each other in this aspect because one of you may be affected by it in the long term.

Moving in with a Friend

There you have it! Moving in with a friend can be a downright experience after moving out from your parent’s, both can take advantage of situations that will be presented to you after your decision to live on your own.

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