Consider a Green Move With Reusable Plastic Crates

Did you know that nearly 90 million cardboard boxes are disposed of every year? While shutterstock_794678257this number at face value is very dismal, there are plenty of tangible ways to minimize this environmental impact. You personally have the power to reduce this number simply by renting reusable plastic crates for your next move. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of utilizing plastic crates and opting for a green move.
Save Money and Resources

Moving is an expensive process. Cardboard boxes can cost a pretty penny, especially if you’re purchasing quality ones to ensure the safety of your items. Why invest money in these items that’ll just sit in a landfill after a single use? Consider instead, renting plastic crates. Most moving companies offer this solution. Well, let’s rephrase that, moving companies worth working with will offer this solution. It’s important to support businesses doing their part to minimize waste and their environmental impact. Not only will these crates come at a lower cost, but they can also be used by dozens of more individuals moving more in the future.

Save Time

Your time is valuable and moving will take up a lot of it. From purchasing boxes to assembling them with packing tape, this process seems never-ending. Choosing to utilize reusable plastic crates eliminates assembly time since they typically come preassembled. Not only that, but you’ll also avoid having to fiddle with the dreaded packing tape dispenser. These preassembled crates allow you to get straight to work packing up your belongings. Efficiency is key. Being eco-friendly is an added bonus.

Protect Your Belongings

If you’re packing up your whole life, you likely have precious belongings you want to safely at your new destination. With cardboard boxes, you run the risk of them ripping open or being smashed under the weight of another box. There’s very little assurance that your items will arrive undamaged. On the flip side, most plastic crates have the capability of being sealed shut with zip ties adding an element of security. No need to worry about lids popping open or keeping confidential possessions hidden. Not only will your items be securely stored, but you’ll also eliminate the fear of your boxes being crushed. Plastic crates are designed to stack with ease on top of one another. In addition, outside elements such as rain and inclement weather will not compromise the integrity of the crates.


It’s time to be more aware of the environmental impact our choices make. Deciding to utilize reusable plastic moving crates is a tangible way for you to make a big difference. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also be doing your part to take care of the planet. Even something that seems like a small effort can go a long way. Take for instance the uproar created over plastic straws. All it took was a few outspoken individuals to start a revolution. Set an example and choose to go green for your next move. Who knows, you might be a part of starting the next environmental revolution all because you chose to rent reusable plastic crates.