These County’s In South Florida Have The Best Schools

Are you thinking of relocating to Florida? Yet, you’re not sure which district to move to in school Orlandoorder for your children to receive the best education. Florida has great school districts for anyone looking for excellent education, diversity or an amazing sports curriculum. Listed below are some of the best school districts in Southern Florida.

1) Seminole County Public Schools

Seminole County is a phenomenal district for good schools. With a total of 18 high schools and 7 of them receiving a medal from the U.S. News Best High School ranking list. Hagerty High school is ranked number 27 of all the schools in Florida and the Great schools rating is 9/10 which is amazing for any school. This school has very smart students as 80% of them are proficient in virtually every school subject area.

2) Orange County Public Schools

Ranked the number 23 best school county in Florida it’s no wonder many people choose to live here with their children. Over 200 thousand students attend school here from grades K-12. The students in this district have a 51% proficiency in tests which is very average. What makes this a great school district is the diversity of people of all races and color. Additionally, if you have kids that love sports then this is the district for them because they are ranked number one for athletes in all of Florida.

3) Volusia County Schools

If you want to move to a district with amazing diversity, impeccable academics for students and a place with many activities to choose from. Look no further than Volusia County Schools as they have been ranked at number 3 for best athletic schools in Orlando, Florida. The student to teacher ratio is 15-1 which is a great number because that ensures the teachers can teach every student the right way. With a 55% proficiency, it’s no wonder many parents choose to move here to provide their children with a great education,

4) Osceola County School District

The schools in Osceola County have a great reputation for helping students succeed. They have 86% of high school students graduating and the average student has an average SAT score of 1090. These numbers are well above average. With over 63 thousand students from K-12 this county also ranks #21 or 69 for most diverse districts in Florida. With a ranking of #34 of 67 for best athletes in all of Florida Osceola County has quite a bit going for them.

5) Lake County Schools

The Lake County School district has a lot to offer its students. Ranked 501 of 11,838 for most diverse schools in America which is incredible in itself. This district has fewer students compared to others in Florida with 42 thousand from K-12. They have one of the higher math proficiency in Florida with 54% which, can be commended to the great teachers here. Lake County School district possesses a 78% graduation rate; with the average SAT score being 1100.

Choosing the right district for your children isn’t easy especially with their education on the line. Luckily, any of these 5 districts would be a great fit for your child.