DIY Housewarming Crafts for Your New Home

If a friend, co-worker or loved one has finally overcome the upheaval of moving home, it is definitely worth celebrating and encouraging them while they settle into their new place. A housewarming is a great way to get together help out and help someone enjoy their new home or rental a thoughtful housewarming gift helps them settle in and start the process of making memories.

What better way to share a considered present than by handcrafting something that can be enjoyed and make a tasteful decorative feature. Here we share some great craft projects that will make a treasured housewarming treat.
Delight the senses with a set of fragranced, handcrafted soaps

Hand-Made_SoapsIf you are a soap making aficionado, dust of your crock pot, whip out those essential oils and create something exquisite that will look great in a new bathroom. Experiment with colour and perhaps try adding glitter, dried flowers or even lace or gold leaf for some authentic soap dish bling!

Handmade leather notebooks

Handmade leather notebooks make a great present for someone who loves to curate ideas and journal. Making your own to share is easier than you think. Source scraps of recycled leather, rustic paper selections and use a needle and thread to carefully bring your project together. Once you make a technique your own, perhaps make a set as they are sure to be popular.

An authentic patchwork

An authentic patchwork quilt is a classic piece that can last generations. If you are a Captureskilled seamstress, why not go for it and create a classic design with eclectic cloth scraps which will be a great lay-up for winter nights on the couch. Patience and skill can produce a quilt design of any size and even a mini design can look great attached to the wall as a simple decorative feature.

Embroidery hoops make a chic contemporary gift

A tastefully decorated and filled embroidery hoop is an on-trend interior design feature. If you are not adept at sewing, why not paint your hoop in a complementary color and fill with a tasteful swatch of contemporary fabric?

With these great crafting gifts under your belt we are sure that you will delight the recipient and become a most favoured guest! If it is your new home these projects will add great lift as part of your new interior decor.