Flat Rate vs Hourly Paid Relocations

Did you know that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life? Packing up and moving on can be filled with fun and excitement but the actual physical process of moving can be a real headache. shutterstock_333212762And a question you may be asking yourself is should I go for flat-rate route or pay hourly?

Well, there are certainly positives and negatives to each and it will depend entirely on your situation but here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide. But first, we recommend you ask yourself these questions to help you in making your decision:

Are you moving locally or further afield? Are you moving standard or unstandard items? Do you need a packing and/or unpacking service? What is your budget?

Flat Rate

Flatrate movers are in general the more expensive option. You are essentially blocking them out until the job is finished and therefore their charge needs to cover the expected average. That being said if you are moving further away if you need bulky or difficult items moving or want to look into a packing and/or unpacking service the higher initial cost could pay off.

Additionally, if you are on a budget it is nice to know the amount you will be required to pay before the job begins. We have also found that flat rate movers tend to work a little faster, from their point of view the quicker the job is completed, the more profit they make so it is in their best interests to offer you a speedy service. However, this can also be negative if they are handling expensive items.

Hourly Paid
shutterstock_285315371Hourly rate movers on the flip side can be a little slower but will offer a more careful and more considerate package. In general, their hourly rate will be averagely cheaper than a flat rate mover and you can really ask for a specific packing and/or unpacking service that you require, be sure to ask about their minimum fee though.

As you can see both options have their pros and cons and will depend entirely on your circumstances. Whichever option you go for be sure to ask for details on their extra fees, insurance and exactly what is covered. Additionally, check they are licensed and reviews online to ensure your belongings are kept in safe hands and you can move stress-free.