Four Great Sites That Make Orlando America’s Favorite Family Vacation Destination

shutterstock_376319617shutterstock_426841417A visit to Orlando is easily every person’s idea of a dream vacation, and rightfully so. This electrifying city in Central Florida plays host to more than a score of theme parks and nature preserves, beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods, a good number of fantastic gardens as well as performing art scenes that are thrilling as they are invigorating.


  1. Walt Disney World

Everyone has heard about Walt Disney at one point in time. However, not many people comprehend its complex nature. This 40 square mile entertainment property has four theme parks, which are the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.

Among these parks are golf courses, two shopping districts, countless hotels and eateries, a comprehensive transport system and two water parks. While each of the theme parks has its characteristic setting, the entire World of Walt Disney is a lot more than just rides. Moreover, it is comprehensive so you can stay within and enjoy all the thrills and spills that Walt Disney World is famous for.

  1. Mannello Museum of American Art

If you enjoy the works of folk artist Earl Cunningham then this tiny yet excellent museum by the lakeside should be one of your preferred destinations in Orlando. The museum features a good number of his works. Visitors as such should anticipate his characteristically bright-colored images that exhibit a mix of both pop and folk art. Aside from Earl’s work, visitors will get to see a lot more of American folk art traversing the rich Smithsonian creations as well as works by local artists.

  1. Harry P Leu Gardens

Lakeside picnicking is a beloved pastime of many folks. If this describes your fancy then you should consider visiting the 50-acre sub-tropical gardens that make up the Happy P Leu Gardens. Located along Forest Avenue and bordering Lake Rowena, this property offers the best display of roses, camellias, desert plants and even orange groves.

Amongst the leafy hedges and plants are many grassy patches that are great for picnicking. Better yet, East End Market is only half a mile from the entrance where you can conveniently get all your supplies from nearby.

  1. Orlando Science Center

Families that have children aged between five and twelve should prioritize visiting the Orlando Science Center. The delights here range from visitor friendly science education, exhibits on dinosaurs, the solar system, and the human body.

Moreover, a remarkable tree stretches the entire length of the four-story atrium. On the base of this captivating tree is a discovery room of natural science as well as an alligator park. These two are great ingredients for any fun yet educational vacation.

These four locations by no means exhaust what Orlando has to offer. They, however, are a great starting point and present the diverse delightful servings that this sub-tropical city close to both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, has in store for its visitors.

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