Guide to Different Types of Moving Boxes


Using the right type of moving boxes makes the entire process of moving very efficient and stress-free. Moving boxes can be acquired from moving companies, grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores among others places. People should not worry about choosing moving boxes because they come in a variety of sizes and types to fit different needs. Below are some of the moving boxes and the items they can carry.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes will be of great help to those people who own a huge or a sizeable collection of clothing. It is possible for you to hang your clothes inside the box eliminating the worry of your clothes being wrinkled during the time of relocation. Another advantage is that they help save time since there is no need of rehanging your clothes since you will transfer the hangers from the box to your closet.

Dish pack boxes

Dish packs enable you to separate your utensils and other delicate items so that they are out of danger of breakage. They come with slots on the inside for packing utensils. Some come with partitions for glassware which are designed to keep fragile items away from each other to avoid breakage.

File boxes

File boxes are very essential for someone who is transporting the contents of an office. They are fitted with metal rods on the sides so that its possible to hang folders, files, and any other paperwork that needs to keep organised when moving.

Book boxes

They are made of a more sturdier cardboard so that they can hold more weight. They are used to carry books as well as kitchen appliances and other items such as canned food. They have cut out slots on the sides to make them easy to carry.

Lamp boxes

They are necessary if you own something long such as telescope or golf clubs. They have a thicker base for good balancing. They will protect delicate items such as telescope from damage in case of a knock or a fall.

Tv boxes and mirror boxes

These moving boxes resemble the boxes that were used to package your tv or mirror when you first bought it. They are secured all round to absorb any shock and prevent your tv or mirror from breakage.

Plastic boxes

They can be rented from a moving agent who will deliver them to you and also pick them after relocation. They are waterproof, sturdy and vary in size depending on the items you want to pack. They are ideal for moving wet items.