Ingenious Storage Solutions That Are Easy On Your Budget

shutterstock_316819076It isn’t until we think about moving home that we really take stock of how much stuff we have accumulated over the years, especially in a family home. Not only is this potentially problematic for the move itself, it poses questions on where everything will go in the new home. This is a big issue for those moving to smaller houses. All homeowners in this situation need some clever storage solutions that will provide a clean, organized approach to managing all this possessions. The following are simple approaches that users can achieve on a budget.



Shelves and other wall mounted solutions:

Shelving is an easy approach that can be adapted to fit into unused space. Mount one on a wall and use the height of the room to your advantage. Again, there are different approaches here and creative minds can create some interesting vertical storage solutions along any wall. A series of old fruit crates fixed to a kitchen wall creates a rustic shelving unit. It doesn’t even have to be a shelf if there is ledge, perhaps even a branch, with nails to hang things from.


Decorative tote bags benefit more than just the environment. Homeowners and designers have begun adding this new type of soft-furnishing to bedrooms and living rooms as an alternative to harsher shelving. A simple hook on the back of a door and personalized bag offers storage for toys in a child’s bedroom.

Multipurpose furniture:

Alternatively, anyone downsizing their home can consider the furniture and opportunities for storage solutions there. A new home is a great excuse for new furniture and a fresh start. However, a new cupboard and sofa can be costly. Likewise, a new bed and bedroom shelving unit isn’t cheap either. Multipurpose furniture can lessen the cost. There are many contemporary sofas and seat with lift-up seats and storage within to hide blankets, books and other items. Raised beds with shelving and work areas beneath aren’t just for pre-teens.

Whatever you do, it is important to make use of all the available space in a room in a clean, tidy manner.

There is a tendency to store everything within easy reach in the most obvious places, such as a basic chest of drawers, boxes on a desk and a shelf at eye-level. But we forget about the dead space within a room. This is why those vertical wall solutions, hooks and spaces beneath furniture are so important. Maximize the potential of the space in each room with the solutions above and there will be no need for expensive storage units.  

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