What Is It Like Living In Kissimmee Florida?


Kissimmee has a lot to offer for anyone that wants to raise their children in a family-friendly Florida town

While it is great to have these theme parks on the doorstep for a family treat now and then, it is also nice to be able to get away from the intensity of these parks at times. Sometimes the natural landscape and wildlife encounters can be just as satisfying. The landscape around Kissimmee is stunning and diverse, with lots of opportunities for great days out and outdoor pursuits. There are plenty of parks for hikes, mountain biking or a more serene picnic. Adventurous types can also take to the skies in hot air balloons and on zip wire, or into the swamps in an air boat. Those that prefer to watch their sport, rather than play it, can spend an afternoon at the Osceola County Stadium. After a weekend of play, kids can then settle back into the town’s school system, as there are many elementary, high and private schools in the area.

There is also plenty here for young couples that want a more laid back lifestyle away from Orlando

11736c92b5a0e00f7009881b9f9c6b50Not everyone that comes to live in Kissimmee is looking to settle down and raise a family just yet. For those younger couple looking for some weekend fun there are plenty of choices in shopping, entertainment and dining. Silver Spurs Arena hosts many events each year. While the big name brands have made it over to this smaller town, there is more appeal in the boutique areas downtown. In fact, this downtown area is a large part of the appeal of this city. It has not been built up with skyscrapers and retains a sense of history and old-fashioned beauty. The Multi Modal Transportation Hub makes it easy for residents to get around the city, and Kissimmee Gateway airport isn’t too far away for those needing a break.

This laid back vibe also means that there is plenty on offer for older couples and retirees

There are many reasons why people flock to Florida to retire. They include the range of retirement resorts, the activities on offer, the cost of living in some towns and the weather. Living in Kissimmee definitely has its perks for anyone looking to retire as the cost of living is comparatively low compared to neighboring Orlando, the weather is usually fantastic and there are plenty of place to enjoy retirement. This includes some impressive golf courses and beaches.

Couples and families looking for a new home in Florida shouldn’t dismiss Kissimmee thinking that they would just be neighbors with a giant mouse. Kissimmee is an interesting city with a lot of history, beautiful surroundings and plenty to entertain residents of all ages.

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