The Mall at Millenia offers Orlando Shoppers Paradise

shoppingThe Mall at Millenia offers Orlando residents and visitors a superior shopping, dining and unwinding experience. This world class mall is laced with anything and everything and it’s all under one roof.

Apparel Stores

If you are looking for apparel then you’d be pleased to know that there is quite a wide variety for you to choose from. With the multiple designer stores around, shoppers normally find themselves spoiled for choice. What you don’t find in one will definitely be available in another.

In this shoppers paradise, expect to find fully stocked shops dealing with high quality and trendy mens ,women’s and kids wear; shoes, bags, clothes with brands such as: Versace, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Emporrio, Boss and so much more.


Looking for designer watches and jewelry? This shoppers paradise has got you covered. It is well equipped with some of the latest and stylish designer accessories that you could ever wish for. If you have a favorite designer then rest assured that they have a store in this mall. If you don’t then it may be time to find one. If you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry, it may be advisable to look around in different stores. You’ll be surprised at the kind of jaw dropping pieces available in each one of these accessory stores. 


Family friendly restaurants are particularly a favorite for fine diners with kids. Such restaurants have excellent food and beverages that suits both the kids and adults. The set up also facilitates this hence securing a comfortable experience.

Located at 4200 Conroy Road, The Mall of Millennia is an absolute wonder for anyone living or visiting Orlando. The fact that you can shop and find everything under one roof is highly convenient; accessories, electronics, pharmacies, department store, offices, cafe, restaurants, in-house fun stores, banks and so much more. You can easily drive to this mall or choose to get there via public transportation. This will give you the opportunity to look around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds Orlando.