The Mobile Apps Can Help You During Your Next Move

two women operating smartphone photo – Free Electronics Image on UnsplashMoving is a stressful process for most people. Finding an apartment or home, comparing insurance policies, looking for movers, and packing, are a few of the many tasks on your to-do list. And, this list seems to continually grow as you get closer to moving day. You don’t have to do it on your own. There are several great apps to help you with the moving process, and finding the perfect place to live. Let’s highlight a few of them.

It’s not a “moving” app per se, but it’s the best app out there to help you find anything. Need to hire movers? Don’t do so without first checking their Yelp reviews. If you plan on renting a moving truck, compare local companies on Yelp first to find the best rates. Need insurance for your new home or condo? You can find insurers in the local area on Yelp. You can find cheaper moving supplies and know exactly where to go for your packing supplies when the time comes to move. Yelp will make your life much easier. It will weed out the bad players in the market, and help you easily find the most affordable supplies, movers, and help ensure the moving day goes as planned.

Not sure where to move? Looking for a specific neighborhood? Or, do you need help finding an apartment in downtown, with all the amenities you need, that fits your budget? Zillow can help. You can search by neighborhood or price range. You can break your search down by bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, and other search parameters. This app will help you find several locations in your target area, that fit your budget when moving.

It’s hard to let go of some belongings. However, when you’re moving, a great way to cut back on moving expenses is to cut back and get rid of some items. If you haven’t seen it or used it in 1-year or more, do you need to bring it with you? Letgo is a great listing app where you can find people interested in buying what you’re getting rid of. It’s a great way to eliminate clutter, leave items you don’t need behind, plus it can help in funding for your move.
Home Inventory

This app allows you to track your belongings in the home. You can take photos of how things are currently set up in different rooms, to make unpacking in the new home a little easier. You can also make lists of everything that goes in a room/closet or other space, so you don’t get too flustered when unpacking in the new home. This tool makes it easy to document your belongings and share your list with the movers so they know what’s going with you.
Technology makes our lives easier, even when it comes to moving to a new home or apartment. As you’re preparing for moving day don’t do it on your own. Use these apps to help you through the process and help you maintain your sanity as moving day approaches.