Moving Advice: Packing Fragile Items Like Glassware, Art and Heirlooms

When moving, the most stressful items to pack and transport are the fragile and valuable ones. These items come with significant sentimental and value. Some of them are even simply irreplaceable. Using our experience as moving professionals we have prepared this blog to help you pack fragile items on your next move.

Take your time

When it comes to packing valuable items you can never be too careful. You should take your time to wrap every item and ensure that it is carefully packed in a box and labeled. Being hasty when packing can lead to breakage and damage. Schedule, and plany your time.

Choose the correct materials

Nothing is as frustrating as spending hours packing only to find that the materials you used were inadequate. You should therefore choose the wrapping and packing material that best protect your valuables. For plates, China, glassware and any brittle material – use bubble wrap. Packing peanuts will provide extra protection.

Prepare packing boxes

It is no secret that boxes make moving more organized while providing some much-needed protection. However, when it comes to fragile items your boxes need to be prepared. First, you have to inspect them to ensure they are fit for packing. Avoid any box that might be damaged by water or earlier use. Second, tape the bottom of the box to add strength. Finally, pad the box with paper or clothes.

Wrap every item individually

This will ensure that every item receives the maximum protection possible. For plates, pack each individually. For glasses, wrap them with packing paper and fold the paper over the edges. Place crumpled paper inside the glass for added protection,.For framed pictures and mirrors – first, wrap the frame with tape in the shape of an x. Then wrap it with packing paper and place it in a box. Pad the box to provide extra cushioning.

Label the boxes

This informs the movers that the boxes contain fragile items and should be handled with care. It also helps them when arranging the items for transit.

Be communicative with your moving company

Once you have packed all your stuff make sure you inform the movers about the delicate items. Tell them how you have labeled the boxes to make sure they handle them carefully.

Moving is stressful enough and to ensure you do not have to deal broken or spoilt valuables, follow the above tips and avoid dealing with breakages, and loss of valuable items.