Moving Time for Kids in Central Florida


Taking them away from a familiar territory shutterstock_285315371is robbing them off memories, friends and achievements. However, there is a way that you could make moving day swift and fun for your little ones.

  1. Pick Out The Home Together

A common mistake with parents is leaving the kids out of the home selection process. Remember, this is a family affair and that includes the kids as well.

When viewing homes, choose to bring your kids along. Let them air their views and opinions on the homes. The more they like a house, the more excited they will be when making the move.  

  1. Tour the Area

Before the big move, if possible, plan a road trip with the kids to the new area. Visit all the fun places, schools, parks, recreation centers and restaurants. Make it a fun venture especially for bonding purposes. They will loosen up and warm up to the idea.


Ensure that you perform research on the area beforehand. This way, you won’t get lost or end up in boring places as this will taint the image of the place.

  1. Involve Them

Between coordinating the movers, packing boxes, and keeping track of what goes where, kids can feel a little bit left out. It is best that you make this a family activity. Let the kids label their own boxes. Matter of fact, incorporate crayons, colorful paper and stickers. This will get them in the mood and excited about the moving process. Spare a few minutes if you can and join them.


You could also incorporate fun and funky music to dance to as you pack up the boxes. This is especially so for teenagers.

  1. Throw a Good Bye Party

Moving away can be quite lonely especially for kids. Therefore, you should aim at involving their friends in the process. A good bye party can be as private or public as you wish. One way of doing it is inviting all their friends and letting them enjoy.

Alternatively, you could invite their blossom buddies and allow them to pack up the boxes together as they tell stories and share memories. Basically, your child chooses how they want the party. Include snacks and beverages as well.

  1. Not Too Many Changes

Keep things as normal as possible for as long as the kid needs. You could decorate their rooms in the new house similar to the old house. This narrows the gap as it makes them feel familiar and comfortable. You can incorporate changes gradually if need be.

Moving time for kids in central Florida can be a fun and swift venture as long as proper planning is involved. Always keep in mind that the move is more stressful for the child than the adults. Making the process exciting and fun is key.

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