Do You Need an Interior Designer?

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’re making it. You can do aInterior-Designer DIY job and use tips from a magazine, or you can opt to hire a professional interior designer to help. What are the pros and cons of hiring an interior designer? And, if you ultimately do choose to hire one, what should you look for to ensure you hire the best person for the job? Let’s go through some of the most important factors you should consider.
Pros of Hiring an Interior Designer

There are several benefits you”ll glean from working with a professional interior designer, to redesign the interior of your home. Among these benefits are

They’re a professional, they know the industry trends, they have a great idea of color, balance, and how to bring a space togetherUntapped resources: They know contractors, manufacturers, designers, painters, and so forth, so they’ll connect you with the right people to remodelThey can get discounts: fabrics, paint, contractors, they know and work with regularly, usually offer them discounted rates for their servicesIt saves you time, energy, and effort of doing the work yourselfThey’ll help recreate your home, open up the space, and eliminate the clutter that’s been sitting inside your home for so long
Cons of Hiring an Interior Designer

There are some drawbacks of hiring an interior designer you should consider as well prior to deciding on bringing one in when redesigning or remodeling the home. These include

The cost; no matter how you spin it, you’re paying a premium rate to have someone tell you what to do/how to design your homeClash in taste/preference. Even if they are a professional, you might simply not want something in your home, which can cause some disaccord They might take away that cozy “homey” feel you love with their open, vibrant, lavish ideas

You must weigh these, and keep your mind set on what can or can’t go, to make sure the relationship will work.
How to Pick the Right Interior Designer for your Home Remodeling

Now that you know the good and bad of hiring a designer, what should you look for if you opt to hire one?

Expertise; like any profession, an interior designer with 20 years experience has more knowledge and resources than one with 2 months of experienceTheir portfolio; this is a biggie, if they don’t show you images of their work, projects, and their best jobs, this is a red flagTheir reviews; do quick Google searches, Yelp reviews, or even check the BBB if it is a big company you’re considering hiring a designer fromTheir taste/personality and style; make sure it’s in line with your ownTheir price; yes, the best interior designers cost more, but if the price is absurd, or well below what the local average is, keep looking

No matter what you have in mind for your home, an interior designer can help, but, make sure you know who you’re hiring before inviting them to recreate your home.